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Juvenile Diversion Program


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Teri Schuller

Diversion/Juvenile Services


Vanessa Oceguera

Attendance/Truancy Monitor



The mission of the Platte Valley Diversion Program is to provide an alternative rehabilitation and education program for eligible juvenile offenders in order to give youth the opportunity to become successful and productive citizens.


The program offers an agreed upon term of months of supervision in order to hold juvenile offenders accountable, using rehabilitative and educational programs in order to obtain eventual dismissal of the case.



  1. No appearance in juvenile / criminal court.

  2. Improved personal responsibility and social skills through program opportunities.

  3. Additional supervision to assist parents.

  4. Monitoring of academic performance providing encouragement for improvement.

  5. Detailed program service plan to assist with program goals.

  6. Community service in lieu of court fines.

  7. Increased parental involvement.

  8. Random drug and alcohol testing.

  9. Restitution where applicable.

  10. Referral services for behavioral and substance abuse counseling when needed. Classes: Decision making, social skill building, & substance use prevention.




  1. Youth receives a citation from law enforcement.

  2. County Attorney receives reports from law enforcement.

  3. County Attorney determines if youth is diversion eligible and makes referral.

  4. Diversion staff receives a copy of referral forms.

  5. Parent or juvenile contacts the diversion office to schedule a pre-assessment.

  6. Diversion staff determines the level of services depending on type of offense and pre-assessment outcome.

  7. Diversion staff contacts parent regarding the level of diversion their son/daughter must enroll in.

  8. Diversion intake is scheduled

  9. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, the juvenile case is dismissed and the case is sealed.


Determination is made by the county attorney in conjunction with the diversion program Administrator.



No youth will be denied service based on their inability to pay. Contact Juvenile Diversion Coordinator at 402.563.4965  for details regarding Financial Assistance.



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